The 1980 Tour - Vienna album, Visage highlights plus a selection of hits

Autumn 1979 was a pivotal point in my career trajectory.....over the previous two years I had travelled from “pop band” (Slick) to “post punk band” (The Rich Kids) to being a stand in guitarist for Thin Lizzy, who were a huge influence on me when I was growing up.

Over the course of autumn into winter 1979, I completed the Visage project with Billy Currie and was then invited to join Ultravo. The work we did that winter on the Vienna album was an exhilarating rush of creativity that was seldom rivalled in our history.

Forty years later I want to celebrate this period and as we pass from 2019 into 2020 play the Vienna album in its entirety along with highlights from the eponymous Visage album. Join me and my Band Electronica on this celebration journey back to 1980.

Midge - Dec 2018

Tickets for mainland UK and Germany are now on General Sale and other territories will follow soon!

Songs Questions and Answers Live 2019

Midge Ure returns to the UK theatre circuit in early 2019 with a new show......well, almost new!

25 years ago, Midge presented a theatre show with a Q&A element to it....and the plan for 2019 is to revisit an updated version of the concept. “Songs and Stories” if you like. This time he’ll be playing with his multi instrumentalists Cole Stacey and Joe O'Keefe (who also open the show playing their own original material as India Electric Company).

There is plenty to talk about too while covering a 40 year professional career, Ultravox, Solo work, Band Aid, his Orchestrated CD from 2017 ...and anything YOU the audience can think of to ask him!

Midge will be performing songs from the Ultravox catalogue alongside his solo work and there will be an opportunity for suggestions from the crowd to pick a song for them to perform as well, so the show will be a selection of material that will satisfy the fans and please the curious...and it’s not often you get to suggest the play list !

All tour dates are in the "shows" section here and it is not planned to add any more shows to this tour so catch it while you can!